Mark Powers is Shift

Blessed with near unlimited powers, Mark is the world's most powerful human being.

If only he could control them.

Every day, Mark wakes up with a new set of powers. Everyday he keeps on Shifting.

Everyday, he has to learn about himself.



The Shift Series

Shift is a 10 novel series

Chronicling the life of Mark Powers from neophyte teenage Super Hero to battle hardened old man.

Shift 1 - Nexus - Hardcover


1. Nexus
How to Become a Super Hero in 8 Easy Steps


2. Origins
The Truth Behind the Unbelievable Life of Mark Powers

3. Day One
The Worst Day in a Life

4. BackSliders
The Eight Labours of Mark Powers

5. ShadowWalker
The Age of Powers

6. Odyssey
Keepers of the Gate

7. ShadowLine
Around the World in Eighty Months

8. Blue Blood
The Blissful Life of Mark Powers

9. Future Forward
How to Change the World in 9 Easy Steps

10. Fall of Man
The Life and Death of Mark Alexander Powers

0. Fading Memories
A Stream in Time