Shift Book 1 : A Novel

Book 1: Nexus
How to Become a
Super Hero in 8 Easy Steps

Teenage geek Mark Powers travels with his brother and close friends to a nearby beach house with the intention of partying all night long (aka playing video games and AD&D).

All hell breaks loose when the house inexplicably gets invaded by multiple factions – army soldiers, hired killers, secret agents and more –  all looking for something.  


On the run and cut off from his friends, Mark stumble across an ancient laboratory where he inexplicably develops strange super powers. Powers which changes and Shifts every single day.  With multiple factions looking out for him, Mark tries to figure out the extend of his powers.  

Before it’s too late. 

This wonderful re-imagining of the super hero genre in novel form is full of suspense, action, secrets, powers, humour - but most of all - heart. 



And get exclusive access to:

  • A Special Shift Short Story
  • A Lost Chapter from Shift 1. Nexus - How To Become a Super Hero in 8 Easy Steps
  • Additional Content including The Lost Forward
  • Exclusive Character Sketches and artwork and character notes
  • Get the chance to become a Beta Reader for future novels!
  • And much. much more!
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