Coming 2017

Book 2: Origins
The Truth Behind the
Extraordinary Life of Mark Powers
Coming 2017

Mark Powers’s dream has come true. He is now a real-life bonafide super hero.

But with every hero comes their opposites: villains.

Someone is after The Family. Father, wives, uncles, aunts. One by one they fall.

Mark teams up with his brother Christopher to find his missing mentor, Mr. Johnson, In the hope of finding more behind the mysterious super powered attackers and the origins of his powers.

Now aware that this was an inside job, Mark races against time to gain control over his ever-shifting abilities and find out who is behind the organization known as The Black Box.

Before the entire Family is decimated.

This continuation of the tale chronicling Mark Powers’s extraordinaryl life is full of even more suspense, action, secrets, powers, humor - but most of all –even more heart.